Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any Retail Stores?

We do not have any retails stores but are based out of Downtown Los Angeles. We try to operate strictly online which allows us to cut our overhead costs and focus exclusively on quality and service. This means we are able to create high quality products and give you a much better price compared to your local jewelry store.

If you are new to buying online, we always guarantee a no hassle 30-Day money back guarantee and 1 free resizing, so you are always happy with your purchase!

How do you keep your costs so low?

We are both manufacturers of the diamonds and jewelry which allow us to remove the middleman. Generally, store buy a piece of jewelry at wholesale price and mark it up, meaning a manufacturing has a markup when making the jewelry item and the diamond dealer has a markup for selling the diamonds. We are able remove all these other markups and keep our costs much lower. Our goal at Eternity Band is to be able to make high quality products at an affordable price.

Why should I choose Eternity Band?

We are unlike traditional jewelers or others selling online. We focus on giving you the highest quality product, and we can, because we are manufacturing our own jewelry without any middlemen. This allows us the keep our product quality to the highest standard and cut most outside costs. We are also a Los Angeles based company that means we produce all our jewelry in the USA, specifically California keeping again to the highest standards.

Also, we allow you to customize each ring to your budget and your style, if we do not have something you would like or you want to make and adjustment to an already set ring we are more than have to help you with your request! We understand that buying jewelry can be a difficult process with other jewelers but with us we focus on serving you and having you enjoy the exciting process of buying this personal item.

What is your return policy?

We offer 30-Day No hassle returns with money back guarantee or exchanges from when the item was shipped, no questions asked! To be eligible for a return the item much be returned in their original purchase condition and include all product documentation. Please note each item must first be inspected by one of our jewelry expects and once the inspection is complete, we will process your refund!

What can not be returned within 30 Days?

Engraved jewelry, other than rings, may not be returns. Also, all custom made or special-order jewelry is final sale. Please note engraved rings can be returned but the engraving fee will not be refunded (if applicable).

Can I return gifts?

Gifts can be returned, however, only for store credit. The gift must be placed in the original packaging with the receipt (if available). The buyer will not be notified if a gift is returned/exchanged.

Do I need to pay for shipping cost?

No, we make returns a no hassle process in which we provide all instruction to return and give you the shipping label. This is part of our promise towards top notch service.

How long does it take to process a return?

Returns can take up to 4-5 business days to process one we receive the item. We will input the information into our system and pass it long to our Quality Assurance team so they can inspect the item. Once approved, we will notify you once we have processed the return.

How fast is shipping?

We offer free 2-day shipping on all our products and you can upgrade to expedite 1-day shipping. Once the product has been manufactured, we will ship it.

When can I expect to receive my item?

We generally ship all items within 2 weeks because each product is made to order. Estimated delivery dates are posted when you add item to cart or on the product detailed page.

How is an order packaged?

We ship items in a non-descriptive package box. Inside will be our branded Eternity Band gift packaging with all documentation required for your jewelry piece.

Can I track my order?

Yes! We will provide a tracking information through email once the product has been shipped. Through this you will be able to track your shipment.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, you can do financing through Affirm at 0% interest or if you go off site we also work with Paypal which offers a 0% financing.

Do you offer jewelry warranty on jewelry I purchased from Eternity Band?

Yes, we offer a Lifetime warranty for our customers to protect against manufacturing defects in craftmanship. We try to stay by our products and quality for this reason we make sure any error by us will be fixed.

• Please note, this don’t not include normal wear and tear, or damages incurred due to trauma, negligence, lack of maintenance, loss, or theft.

How can I safeguard my purchase against damages, theft, or a loss?

We recommend that you contact an independent insurer such as Jewelers Mutual to help you with that or your current home/renters insurance company. We provide a complimentary appraisal to help with this process.

What does it mean to “special order” or “custom make” something?

These items are unique items that are created or acquired specifically for you. You will work with customer service and our jewelry specialist to acquire this piece.

How do custom order work?

You can contact our custom jewelry department or under the custom tab and send us a detailed idea of what you are looking for (photos always help). Then we will contact you regarding how we can move forward with this project. Each step of the way we will be in contact with you to make you feel part of the process so you can give your input on this unique piece of yours. After the order is complete, we will ship it to you. Generally, these orders will take a little longer because due to the planning stage so that your piece can be perfect.

Why do nearly identical center stones differ in prices?

Besides the 4 C’s there are many factors that determine a diamond’s value. No two diamond are exactly alike, this means measurements of the stone can be different, location of inclusions, the fluorescence, and many more factors. However, you can still find a similar stone at a lower value and these stones tend to sell a little bit faster

If you would like help with the diamond selection, we are more than happy to work with you to find the best stone for you. One that fits your budget.

Are you able to purchase ring setting without the center stone?

Yes, we have many rings available for purchase without the center stone, however we do not offer a setting with a very specific center stone requirement such as halo setting, bezel setting, and three-stone rings. These would be very difficult to have a generic size and require a very specific diamond which could cause you difficulty to find.

Please note we do not sell blank setting.

What is your ring sizing policy?

We offer a complimentary ring sizing for half bands, third bands, and engagement rings within manufacturer’s recommended sizing range. Going outside this range can damage the rings and cause diamonds to fall out.

We do not offer resizing for eternity bands, milgrain or orant bands.